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Soaped Washing Glove/Soaped Sponge

Detalles de productos

Wide range of materials and qualities

Ultrasonic strong seal

17x23cm, 12x20cm, etc…

25pcs/bag, 40 bags/Ctn, etc…

Single-use gloves and sponges significantly reduce the resources necessary to bathe patients, while still providing a dignified experience.

Both the gloves and the sponges are impregnated with a mild cleansing solution that is activated by a small amount of water, which produces a luxurious lather and requires no rinsing.

Both the gloves and sponges are made of soft fibers that let you gently eliminate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. The cleansing solution is pH-balanced to the skin, which helps maintain its health and reduces the drying and irritation often seen with regular soap and water.

No rinsing required – cuts bathing time in half.

Since only a few spoonfuls of water are required, can be used anywhere by staff, family members or even the clients themselves.

These single-use gloves and sponges protect from cross-contamination among residents or patients and are biodegradable to help reduce its effect on the environment. The gloves also protect both the caregiver and the patient since little water is required.

Impregnated with a dry washing solution

Just add a few drops of water

pH5.5, gentle on skin