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Common Uses of Protective Clothing (On)

Feb. 11, 2020

Prevent or reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body; prevent or reduce the radiation intensity of electromagnetic waves entering the room; reduce the generation of static electricity and prevent the static electricity generated by the human body from affecting the equipment, which is more healthy!

Standard uniforms for good personnel when performing special duties, also known as special outfits. Its role is to ensure the safety of special service personnel working in a harmful human environment. The range and type of good special work clothes varies from country to country. The former Soviet military's special work clothes mainly include ordinary work clothes, special work clothes, camouflage clothes and protective clothes used by armored personnel, air, ground, parachute, marine and other military professionals.

The Chinese people's special work clothes only include the special work clothes and protective clothing used by air, ground, umbrella, and sea personnel and good personnel. People were better off distributing flight suits, flight caps, and leather boots for air crews in the 1950s; skydiving clothes for airborne soldiers; and cold protection clothes for naval ships.

In the 1960s, high-altitude compensation services and anti-loading services were added to air crews; corresponding protective clothing was well equipped for testing, launching, and storage tasks. In the early 1970s, nuclear submarine protective clothing was equipped. A matching special workwear series has been initially formed. According to their functions, protective clothing can be divided into two types: special environmental protective clothing and hazardous substance protective clothing: according to their categories, they can be divided into airborne protective clothing, marine protective clothing, and ground protective clothing.

. Some countries also specialize in the production of protective clothing to prevent various insects from invading the human body. In the Gulf War, many countries once wore a military uniform with insecticidal functions. It can effectively prevent various types of insects that depend on blood to survive. Harassment of the human body. It is said that this military uniform uses an insecticide called "ribegan", diluted with a certain proportion of water and then soaked. Mosquitoes will soon die when they fall on it, and it is harmless to humans.

Disposable Medical Products

Disposable Medical Products

Disposable medical products have good use. Disposable surgical gown has good moisture permeability and barrier properties. It can effectively resist alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, good penetration, and is safe and convenient to use. Can effectively protect the wearer from the threat of infection, comfortable wearing, good feel, strong tensile strength, breathable and waterproof, no cross infection.''

product structure:

1. Protective clothing is a one-piece structure consisting of a hat, jacket and pants. 2. Reasonable structure, easy to wear, and tight joints.

3. Elastic elastic bands are used for cuffs, ankles, and hat faces.

The role of SFS material: It is a composite product of breathable film and spunbond, which has the functions of breathability and waterproof. SFS (Hot Melt Adhesive Unit): a composite product of various films and non-woven fabrics.

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