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Introduction Of Dressing Method Of Medical Gauze Bandage

Mar. 26, 2019

Introduction of dressing method of medical gauze bandage

Medical gauze bandages a common Disposable Hygiene Products. Medical gauze bandages are usually made of cotton cloth and gauze with a special process, suitable for various parts of the body, such as the head, abdomen and chest, limbs and tail bandages. At the same time, the medical gauze can be wrapped in various shapes and methods according to the different parts and the injured parts. The common methods are as follows:

Disposable Hygiene Products

Earlier is the circular bandage method: this is the medical gauze bandage method in the most basic and most commonly used, general wound cleaning after the bandage is used this method. It can also be applied to the neck, head, legs, chest and abdomen. Method is: the first circle around slightly oblique, the second circle, the third circle do ring, and the first circle out of the corner of the pressure in the ring ring, so fixed more secure. Fix the end of the tape with sticky paste, or cut the end of the tape into two knots.

Next it is snakelike bind up a law: multipurpose on the fixing that is in splint. Method is: first the bandage annular method wrapped several rounds of fixed, and then according to the width of the bandage for the interval of oblique wrapped or wrapped under the namely.

Spiral bandage: this medical bandage from Disposable Hygiene Products Supplier is often used for the same thickness of the place, such as the arm. The wrapping method is to use the ring wrapping method to wrap first, and then move one third or two thirds forward in accordance with each circle to wrap, so as to form a spiral shape.

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