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Lend you a pair of good eye to choose medical equipment

Apr. 29, 2019

Lend you a pair of good eye to choose medical equipment

In addition to eating three meals a day and exercising more, we all want to do something to make ourselves and our families healthier. But the variety of medical equipment on the market is various, make a person dazzling, unavoidable meeting fears to go wrong. Disposable Hygiene products exporter show you how to find the medical equipment you want for your home.

Learn more before you buy

Experts said that household medical equipment is a special commodity, subject to mandatory management by the state, experts remind consumers to pay attention to before and after the purchase: first of all, we should first understand the relevant information of medical equipment, such as: performance, quality, price, specifications, etc. Second, we should pay attention to product publicity, can not be exaggerated. Current, the commodity that appears on the market to have effect of a few propaganda cure obtrudes public opinion, if heighten instrument, reduce weight instrument, wait, actually they do not belong to medical equipment; In addition, we also need to pay attention to word of mouth, good word of mouth product quality, curative effect is guaranteed, service can follow up. But it is worth noting that consumers should ask for the opinions of users when buying, and do not trust a few people to buy a good product, which is very inappropriate. Because some illegal businesses will secretly buy some customers, help to do deceptive publicity, misleading consumers to buy.

Look and ask when you buy

Many citizens like to listen to the introduction of the sales representative when buying domestic medical apparatus and instruments, without careful verification, what buy often is fake and inferior product. Accordingly expert proposal, when the buyer USES medical equipment, want to see clear management unit to have without "3 card one table" : the medical equipment produces an enterprise licence, medical equipment manages a licence, the medical equipment of approval number registers card and medical equipment advertisement to examine a form. Only certificate is all ready just lawful management, do not buy to the unit of individual or do not have management license, regular enterprise can issue bill.

It is also important to check the package label, label and operating instructions of medical devices. The key view on the packaging whether there is a production enterprise license, product registration certificate, product implementation standard number, hedeke filter element approval document number, but also to see whether there is a manufacturer and production batch number, there is no product specification with product packaging and quality certificate, absolutely cannot buy "three without" products.

The expert expresses, product of some medical equipment must be bought below the doctor's guidance use, the use method that should ask a product carefully when buying, caution item, contraindication, action mechanism to wait, prevent misuse.

Disposable Hygiene products

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