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[Surgical mask for sale]Key points to use surgical mask

Jun. 14, 2019

Key points to use surgical mask shared by disposable Medical products supplier.

1. Choose the type of medical mask. The best one is the one that is suitable. Although the protective effect of medical protective mask with high protective grade is better, the respiratory resistance is higher due to the high filtering material level, good tightness and higher respiratory resistance. Wearing it for a long time will increase the respiratory burden and cause discomfort such as dyspnea.

2. Master the correct way to wear medical masks. Different types of medical masks have different ways to wear them. Before wearing the mask, make sure the production date and expiration date of the mask. Check whether the mask is properly packaged. Wash your hands to avoid touching the inside of the mask to prevent secondary contamination of the mask.

3. Check the tightness of the mask after wearing, that is, the fitting degree of the mask. The better the mask fits the wearer's face, the better the protection, which prevents contaminants from entering the mouth and nose from the edges of the mask, especially from the gaps on either side of the nose. When wearing a surgical mask, the nose clip at the bridge of the nose should be pressed tightly, and the mask should be as close as possible to the face.

Above is the disposable Medical products manufacturer for you to provide the "type of medical mask" content introduction, hope to help you understand the medical mask! We should choose and use the medical mask correctly according to the actual situation and the protection purpose, in order to prevent the outside virus and bacteria from entering the respiratory tract, do effective personal protection, reduce the occurrence of infection.

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