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How Does Disposable Gauze Bandage Have Antiseptic Treatment?

Apr. 13, 2019

One of the Disposable Medical Products-Medical degreasing gauze bandage is widely used in the medical industry, used for wound treatment, dressing, direct contact with the wound, so it must be sterilized treatment, to ensure its use is sterile, five poison, clean. Next, Qingdao haihao biological engineering co., ltd. to introduce the medical gauze bandage is how to sterilize treatment.

Medical defatted gauze bandages generally have two types: sterilized and non-sterilized, that is to say, sterilized products can be used directly, while non-sterilized products need further sterilization.

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Some people actually sterilize it with saline, which is just a sterile sodium chloride solution rather than a disinfectant, and it doesn't work. It must be sterilized by high pressure steam before it can be used safely. So now we're going to show you a very simple way to do that.

Boil the bandage with boiled precipitated or filtered water for 5---10 minutes to kill the bacterial propagator, and 1---2 hours to kill the bud, which is sterilization.

Please do not use alcohol as a disinfectant for disinfection, it is not effective. Medical absorbent gauze bandage is a disposable product. Please handle it properly after use to avoid bacterial proliferation.

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