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The use of non-woven bags needs to be taken seriously

Jun. 01, 2019

The use of non-woven bags needs to be paid attention to

Disposable Hygiene products supplier shares that since the implementation of the state "plastic limit order", non-woven cloth bags and environmental protection products represented by cloth bags began to gradually replace the original plastic bags, more and more citizens began to use non-woven cloth bags and environmental protection bags. Non-woven bags are durable and can be used many times, which is environmentally friendly. However, with the increasing quantity of non-woven cloth bags and environment-friendly cloth bags, many consumers no longer reuse them. Instead, they gradually evolve from environment-friendly products to polluting products, with a huge difference in roles.

Su meida, a manufacturer of non-woven and environmentally friendly bags, said that if the more non-woven bags are released, the lower the reuse rate will be. Plastic meida said it hoped consumers would not use non-woven bags as disposable products, and that throwing them once could have an impact on the environment. We hope that consumers will pay attention to this and not let the original environmental products become polluting products.

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Disposable Hygiene products supplier

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