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Why to strengthen the quality inspection of absorbent gauze bandages?

Apr. 25, 2019

Absorbent gauze bandage is one of the most commonly used disposable medical supplies, mainly used for wound dressing, surgery, and daily disinfection treatment. Therefore, the absorbent gauze bandage manufacturer strictly supervises its production and quality inspection to ensure that the gauze bandage produced is clean, sterile and qualified. Obviously, it is very important to strengthen the quality control of the absorbent gauze bandage.

Bandages and the wounds of the injured will direct sexual contact, directly affects the recovery of wounds, so that the quality of the products have high requirements, absorbent gauze bandage is the main raw material of the absorbent cotton, its quality is the foundation, is the key, and relationship between the medical effect is good or bad, in order to strengthen the supervision of absorbent gauze bandage and the health of our country often qualitative inspect branch for each big manufacturer, absorbent gauze bandage for sampling observation in the hospital. We should resolutely put an end to the use of chemical ingredients or waste absorbent cotton, which will contain a lot of harmful ingredients to human body, we should choose pure white, high softness and qualified absorbent cotton after ethylene oxide detoxification.

disposable medical supplies

To strengthen the quality inspection of absorbent gauze bandage, closely about the reliability of the medical profession, more directly about the health of the people, our people should not only strengthen the production of absorbent gauze bandage supervision, for other disposable surgical masks, iodine, cotton swabs and cotton balls and so on the disposable medical consumables, we should attach importance to the quality of its rise, resolutely resist the illegal behavior.

The above is to strengthen the importance of the quality inspection of absorbent gauze bandage, I hope to help you.

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