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Medical consumables

Jul. 24, 2019

Medical consumables shared by disposable bedsheets supplier.

Medical Supplies: Supplies such as Supplies which are frequently consumed by hospitals.

Reform of the content

The integrated reform of medical consumption linkage in Beijing will be officially launched at midnight on June 15, 2019. At that time, nearly 3,700 medical institutions in Beijing will participate in the reform. "This reform will eliminate the markups on medical consumables on the basis of the comprehensive reform of separating medicine from medicine." Lei haichao, director of the Beijing municipal health commission, summed up the reform as "five one", which means "one reduction, one promotion, one cancellation, one procurement, one improvement".

Among them, "reduction" refers to the reduction of the price of inspection items carried out by instruments and equipment; "First promotion" refers to the price increase of TCM, pathology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, surgery and other items that reflect the labor value of medical staff; "Cancellation" refers to the cancellation of the 5% or 10% markup policy of medical consumables in medical institutions, and the charge is based on the purchase price of medical consumables; "Procurement" refers to the joint procurement of medical consumables and the procurement of pharmaceutical supplies; The term "one improvement" refers to improving medical services and strengthening comprehensive supervision.

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