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The top 20 sales figures were released

Jul. 04, 2019

The top 20 sales figures were released, a number of large varieties of foreign enterprises listed, shared the medical non-woven fabric supplier.

  • A number of large varieties of foreign enterprises listed

Recently, fujian province pharmaceutical equipment joint price limit sunshine purchasing website published the top 20 sales volume of drugs purchased by sunshine in May 2019.

According to the table, the listed pharmaceutical companies are mainly foreign companies, including Pfizer, astrazeneca, bayer, roche, sanofi and other multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Pfizer has three drugs on the list, including cefoperazone sodium sulbactam sodium for injection, atorvastatin calcium tablet and amlodipine benzenesulfonic acid tablet.

Astrazeneca has two products on the list: inhaled budesonide suspension and metoprolol succinate sustained release tablets.

Two bayer products are nifedipine controlled-release tablets and moxifloxacin hydrochloride sodium chloride injection.

Roche has two products on the list, trastuzumab for injection and bevacizumab injection.

Sanofi has two products on the list: insulin glargine injection and clopidogrel hydrochloride tablets.

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  • Sales large focus monitoring

In addition to sinopharma, there are also several domestic pharmaceutical companies among the top 20 drugs in sales volume, including southwest pharmaceutical company, yichang east yangyangjiang pharmaceutical company, shiyao group enbipu pharmaceutical company, north China pharmaceutical company, hebei huamin pharmaceutical company, sichuan luye pharmaceutical company, and Beijing novartis pharmaceutical company.

According to the "top 20 sales amount of drugs purchased by sunshine with joint price limit" released by fujian province in each month, there is little change in the varieties listed each month, and the listed enterprises are mainly foreign Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises.

Recently, fujian provincial medical insurance bureau issued the notice of fujian provincial medical security bureau on strengthening the management of key monitored drugs under medical insurance, confirming the scope of the supervision of key drugs.

According to the notice, medicine mining center in fujian province with the provincial health care center in the provincial procurement platform trading data, drug action mechanism and clinical application performance monitoring, health care, daily audit supervision and complaints to report, on the basis of a comprehensive analysis on the antibacterial drugs, traditional Chinese medicine injections, belong to adjuvant drugs, nutritional drugs, no special causes rapid growth of usage of drugs and other prices high, to evaluate a large dosage of the drug, quasi into key monitoring drug list submitted to the provincial health bureau research to determine.

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