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What are the advantages of surgical mask materials?

Aug. 26, 2019

What are the advantages of surgical mask materials? Shared by Medical non-woven consumable supplier.

Speaking of medical masks, we are all familiar with them. In hospitals and other places with many germs, we can often see many people wearing medical masks.

As for the material of medical mask, the filter cloth adopted by it mainly absorbs bacteria and viruses and blocks pathogens. N95 filter material is used in the dense filter layer to filter out particles and effectively block fly wipe, blood, body fluids and secretions. Mask straps are two long strips that run through holes in either side of a mask. The nose clip is located in the upper center of the filter layer, between the dense layer and the filter layer. The material is metal or metal-plastic complex, which has both plasticity and strength, making it easy to seal the nose when wearing.

Medical non-woven consumables factory said that medical mask is a good article to protect the mutual infection between medical staff and patients, so the production must be in accordance with national requirements, so that its bacterial filtration efficiency can reach more than 95%, which is the most important role of medical mask.

Medical non-woven consumable supplier

Medical non-woven consumable supplier

How to ensure the hygiene of surgical masks?

Streets now often see a lot of people wear surgical masks, why will appear this kind of situation, it turns out that because of bad air quality gradually become the dust and bacteria in the air by respiratory tract will bring the body is unwell, in order to solve this kind of situation, people often choose to wear masks in out again to go out, so for us to keep the mask clean degree is also a way to ensure our health, now by surgical masks manufacturers to introduce particular way.

When we wear masks, they come in direct contact with our mouth and nasal cavity, so it is very important to keep them clean. There are some details to be taken into account when wearing a mask. The front and back sides of the mask should not be used alternately. This will cause the contamination on the outer layer of the mask to be inhaled when it is directly attached to the face and become an indirect source of infection. When you are not wearing a mask, fold it up and put it in a clean envelope. Fold it in the face, mouth and nose. Do not put it into a pocket or hang it around your neck.

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